Michigan Medicare Supplements

Michigan Medicare Supplement Insurance Is Also Called As Medisup Or Medigap.? Original Medicare Plan And Medigap Policies Can Together Compensate In Shares The Total Health Care Coverage.

Michigan Medicare Supplement Insurance Is Run By Private Insurance Companies Approved By Medicare. It Covers The Services Which Original Medicare Does Not Provide.

These Gaps In The Original Medicare Are Filled In By Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies.

Gap 1 Gap2 Gap3
Deductibles And Coinsurance Excess Charge Items Not Covered In Medicare

Michigan Medicare Supplement Policies Are Urged To Follow Federal And State Laws.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Can Sell Any Of The Ten Standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans To You.

Michigan Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Are Standardized And Identified As Letters A Through N.

All The Standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Give Same Basic Benefits And Do Not Change With The Company.

Check Before You Join A Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy

Before Joining A Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy It Is Essential To Know Your Requirements Which Need To Be Covered.

The Following Points Must Be Checked Before You Join The Right Medigap Policy –

  • Monthly Premium
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Coinsurance
  • Copayments
  • Blood Tests
  • Skilled Nursing Coverage

Criteria For Cost Of Michigan? Medigap Policy

The Cost Or Premium Of Medigap Policy Is Decided By The Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Individually. It Depends On The Premium You Pay Now And Later In Future.

It Can Be Categorized According To The Cost Into Three Ways-

1)?? No Age Related-This Policy Is Irrespective Of The Citizen?s Age. The Monthly Premium For Everybody Is Same For All Those Who Have Medigap Policy.

2)?? Entry Age Related-The Premium Amount Depends On The Age When The Premium Is Bought. The Premium Differs From Age To Age. If The Medigap Policy Is Bought At Younger Age, The Premium Is Low .This Premium Amount Will Not Increase As You Grow Older.

3)?? Attained Age Related-The Premium Amount Depends On The Current Age At Which The Medigap Policy Is Bought. It Increases As You Grow Older. The Premium Amount Eventually Increases

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans From June1, 2010

I.??? Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies Purchased Before June 1, 2010 Remain Unchanged. You Can Keep Those Policies Active By Paying Regular Premiums, No Need To Quit The Plans.

II.??? Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies In Michigan For Sale Are Ten Standardized Policies Identified By Letters A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M And N.

  1. Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Must Offer Plan A For Sale.
  2. Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Offering Any Other Plan Must Also Give Either Plan C Or Plan F.

V.??? Plans M And N Are New Plans Offered For Sale.

  1. Plan K Will Cover 50% Of The Cost And 75% By Plan L.
  2. Plans D And G Are Different From The Previous Plans D And G Before June1,2010
  3. For Those Who Already Bought Plans E,H,I And J Can Still Carry On With These, But From June 1,2010 These Plans Are Not Available With Insurance Companies
  4. Plan F Has A Distinguishing High Deductible Plan F Option

X.??? All Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies Are Not Available For Sale In All States. You Will Have To Find Out Medigap Policy Offered In Your State.

  1. Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy Plans Taken On Or After June 1, 2010 Will Benefit The Coverage Of Plan A Coinsurance.

Medigap Policy Does Not Cover

  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • Benefits Given By Veterans

Open Enrollment Period

A Guaranteed Right To Buy Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy Is Given During Six Month Enrolment Period To Every Citizen Of Michigan With Age 65 Or Above.

In This Six Months Enrolment Period A Medicare Supplement Insurance Company Must Sell The Policy Without Any Additional Charges Or Reject You To Buy Any Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

You Are Not Eligible For Open Enrollment Period Till You Attain The Age 65, Though You Have Medicare Coverage B Due To Medicare Disability.

You Can Also Buy Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy If You Have A Guaranteed Issue Right.

If You Do Not Have Guaranteed Issue Right And Your Open Enrollment Period Is Over, Company May Charge You More Premium Or Use Medical Underwriting.

Steps To Join Michigan Medicare Supplement Insurance

1)?? Read The Application And Complete Is Fully With All Health Records.

2)?? Preferably Pay By Cheque Or Money Order Or Bank Draft.

3)?? Medigap Policy Is Not Issued In A Day; It Takes 30 Days For Approval.

4)?? 30 Days Is A Free Look Period, You Can Change The Policy And Ask For Refund In Writing Within This Period.

5)?? You Can Guaranteed Renew Medigap Policy.

6)?? In Case Of Mistrust, Fraud The Insurance Company Or Provider Agent Observed Can Be Asked For Explanation.